Message from Brigid - Goddess of Healing (Celtic) Enhancing Your Healing with the Spoken Word

Message as channeled by Tora Moon 4/10/11

Greetings Dear Ones!  Come and listen to the message I have for you this day:


I am Brigid, the Bright One and many are my gifts to you.  To bring balance and beauty to the lives of Men, I brought to you the gifts of poetry, music, and craftsmanship.  To give you a longer time to enjoy life and to love, I brought the gift of healing.

My healing not only comes from my Sacred Wells and from the power of plant, it comes also from my gift of Sound, of Words spoken in rhyming tongue.  Poetry and its sister, lyrical music, brings forth healing to the soul and mind while herbs and water heal the body.  Together, one becomes whole and hale. 

My gift to you, Dear Ones, was the spell of the spoken word combined with the healing brew of plants.  This gift has been lost.  It has been sundered.  Now, I see some few who remember the healing gift of plants infused into water.  Now a pill, synthesized chemicals, is where most find healing, and then need to take another one to counter-act the first.

Once upon a time a prayer, a chant, was spoken by the Wise One as they brewed the healing tea.  There is power in the spoken word, in the sound of the human voice.  The Old Ones, the Shamans of the past ages knew this and so prayer was chanted during the healing work.  It was known healing was as much spiritual and emotional as it was physical.  How sad I am to see, Dear Ones, that now healing and medicine only focuses on the physical.  The doctors of your age are no longer Priests and Priestess who work with The Divine to bring full health and well-being to their patients.

The words of the chant, or of the prayer, focus the mind and Spirit to what is desired – health of Being, and combined with the healing powers and properties of the plants the body would become whole and healthy once more.

Dear Ones, if you want to add power to the pills you take and make them even more effective, say a prayer or chant a poem as you swallow the pill.

           Let this medicine do its work,

To bring me to full health,

              in body, mind, and Spirit.

Then focus on being healthy and well, rather than your illness or pain.

What has been forgotten, Dear Ones, in this age of science and reason is that YOU are part of the cure.  It isn’t just the medicine that makes you well, as what so many now assume.  YOU, your will, your desire to be well plays as an important a role as the chemicals coursing through your body.  Why do you think some get well and others do not with the same course of treatment?  It is the will and desire of the individual that make the difference.

In the age of science the body has been separated and segregated from the mind and soul.  Only the symptoms of the body tend to be treated, when the illness – the imbalance – began in the mind or emotions or spirit of the person.  The last place for disharmony to manifest is the body and yet for so many it is the first and only place to be treated.  The mind-body-spirit of a person are integral and inseparable.  What occurs in one, affects the others.  For true healing then, Dear Ones, all three must be attended to for balance and harmony to return to the person.

There is a time and place – and need – for allopathic medicine; for the medicine and surgery of science.  But there is also need for a return to the healing of the mind, spirit, and body in wholeness.  There are many being called today to serve in this type of healing.  There are many processes and modalities for you to choose.  Not all are a fit for what you need.  As with all things, including scientific medicine, use your discretion and inner wisdom. They will guide you to that which is right for you.

And Dear Ones, I remind you healing comes in many forms and many ways.  My gift of poetry and music is healing to the mind and spirit.  My gift of craftsmanship, of creating beautiful things, is healing both for those who create and those who enjoy the creation.  Beauty, no matter where it comes from, is a balm for the soul.  Whether beauty come from an expression of The Divine in Nature, or from the hands and hearts of humans, it is still beauty.  It is still an expression of The Divine and touches the heart and soul.

There is healing in the waters of your tears.  Allow yourself the healing that comes from a good cry.  Let go of the pent-up emotions and cry.  This is as important for men as women.  The healing found in tears is the same whether they are shed by a woman or a man.


            There is healing in the wind and sea,

            A dewdrops kiss on grassy feet.

            Sun smiling down becomes a warm caress

            A comforting hug and kiss from a loved ones lips.

            Healing I find in the beauty that is all around.

            Bless me, Dear Brigid, The Bright One, with health and well-being.

            May I be whole in mind, body, and Spirit.

                        Blessed Be!


Dear Ones, call on me, Brigid, when you have need of healing and I will be there.  My healing waters are always available to you.

Blessings to you, Dear Ones.  There is great love here for you.

Note:  The Celtic pronunciation of Her name is “Breed”.



I am an integral part of my own healing and well-being.

I am well and healthy.

I use my discernment to make choices that are right for me to be healthy and whole.


Bio:  Tora Moon is a Priestess of The Goddess and is dedicated to restoring the Feminine Divine, the Goddess, to the world.  She is the founder and owner of The Goddess Living; School, Store and More. . . which Celebrates the Goddess Living in All Things (  She teaches classes on The Goddess and leads meditation circles.  She is a talented alchemist and creates amazing “Attunement Products™” to attune and align your energy to various Goddesses and Qualities.  Tora is an intuitive energy healer, using sound, music, and other healing processes and is available for sessions.  Her sessions take you to your deep core and illuminate the shadows of your soul to see the light, the truth, the beauty of who you are.


© Tora Moon, 2011;  All rights reserved.  This message may be shared with others in its entirety, provided the following is included:  “This message was channeled by Tora Moon and posted on her blogsite:  Tora Moon is the founder of The Goddess Living, a School, Store, and More… you can find out more at


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